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Bank cards

bank_cards_imageWe are ready to offer you a wide range of smart cards based on the latest technologies and the highest standards of quality control: mag-stripe and chip cards, hybrid cards, dual interface cards, contactless cards (PayPass and PayWave) or cards offering additional non-financial services.

All produced bank cards are approved by the VISA International, MasterCard Worldwide, China UnionPay and American Express payment systems.

Depending on your business needs, you can choose a ready-made solution taking into account the specifics of your industry, or place an order for the development of tailore-made card applications and OS.


Ready-made solutions for various industries

•          Banking sector («SCOne»-based products, dual interface cards, metal cards, packing «Card Solid Pack”, stickers);

•          Public sector (social security cards, loyalty systems, transport cards, campus cards, Service Record Systems, Card and Application Lifetime Management Solution «CardMaster»);

•          Transport sector (Tickets Distribution System «SmartTicket»);

•          Industrial sector (loyalty systems, corporate cards, Card and Application Lifetime Management Solution «CardMaster»);

•          Retail (loyalty systems, Card and Application Lifetime Management Solution "CardMaster»)

•          Fuel companies (loyalty systems, Card and Application Lifetime Management Solution «CardMaster»).


Development of card applications and OS

•          Card applets (apps) and applications;

•          Card operating system «SCOne»;

•          Cards and applications management systems;

•          Application software for non-financial services.


About the production process

Transaction Systems is a distributor of the products and services offered by the largest companies like Alioth. The full card production cycle comprises of: Production, personalization (graphical personalization, i.e. embossing with tipping, indent printing, thermal printing, laser printing; electronic personalization, i.e. magnetic stripe coding, chip-module coding), design and effects, packing, storage and delivery.

In our card production process, we rely on modules offered by the leading manufacturers like Safran Morpho (EMV Plus/JMV Pro), NXP (JCOP), etc. who support SDA, DDA and CDA, fully compliant with the following specifications: VISA VSDC and MasterCard MChip4, Global Platform.

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